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Meet the Dudes:
Assemble Your Dudes

Helpful Hints

  • When removing your Dude or Pet, remember you are pushing the clasp locks away…
Outline of a Surfer Dude with an arrow pointing to where the Fin Key enters in the board.
  • Don’t be afraid to push hard on your Fin Key to dislodge any one of the clasp locks!
  • To remove wing, position your Fin Key perpendicular to wing
  • To remove Pets or Dudes, angle your Fin Key perpendicular to each clasp lock
  • Be mindful of your finger placement when using your Fin Key; if you are a grom, it might be easier to use two fingers instead of just your thumb
  • If you accidentally assembled your Surfer Dude without its surfboard, simply remove your Dude (or Pet), then reassemble in the correct order
  • Different Ways to Mix ´n Match!

Disassemble: 1.Push key into wing, release, apply forward force with thumb. 2. Remove figures. Start with your Pet, then your figure's rear foot. If needed, also release front foot. 3. Use your Fin Key to hold your collection of Pets and figures. Important: Only use your Surfer Dudes FIn Key to remove parts!

Surfer Dudes Safety Tips

Yes. Kid throwing a Surfer Dude into the water.

Surfer Dudes Dos

  • Use only with adult supervision!
  • Follow all beach rules & warnings!
  • Surfs best in breaking, foamy waves, 3 inches to 3 feet high!
  • Rinse with fresh water after use!
  • Gently sloping sandy beaches ideal!
No. Kid throwing a Surfer Dude into the water incorrectly.

Surfer Dudes Don'ts

  • Never throw at people or pets!
  • Don’t use in waves over 3 feet!
  • Don’t lose your Dude—never use in riptides or strong currents!
  • Don’t use in high winds or thunderstorms!
  • Don’t damage your Dude—when tossing, hold it by its wing or surfboard, not your Dude or Pet!
  • No rocky or steep beaches!

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