“Aussie” Alice

Grew up Australia. Totally fearless, thrives on adventure! Tore up waves at Shipstern Bluff and Cyclops at just 14 years old! Left Australia age 17 to search for the world’s most perfect wave. Has surfed them all from Banzai Pipeline to Dungeons in South Africa. Still exploring in case she missed one. Likes to argue that Mavericks and Ghost Tree in California are as good as they get, but many of her surfin’ buddies disagree. Equally loves to talk up Cloud Nine, Dungeons, and Teahupoo. Tells everyone she will go back to Australia when she’s done searching. Her beach mates reckon it will be a cold day in Bali before she returns Down Undah.

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More about “Aussie” Alice

  • Mantra: “Come on mates, let’s explore some new waves!”
  • Home Break: Waimea Bay, for now
  • Fave Surf Spot: Still searching
  • Bust Out Move: Cutback Jack
  • Fuels-up On: Shrimp on the barbie!
  • Best Surf Memory: “Still searching. Many more memories to make before I can pick a fave!”
  • Best Beach Buds: “Bali” Bobbi—we are so much alike!—and “Hossegor” Hank
  • When Not Surfing: Searching for the best wave—“I read a lot of travel and surfin’ blogs”
  • Advice For Groms: “Just Surf!™”