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Long Beach Larry & Finley

Long Beach Larry & Finley

Long Beach
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Grew up New Jersey, spent his summers on LBI learning to surf. Found out LBI stood for Long Beach Island though no one ever calls it Long Beach. Soon discovered there were lots of places called Long Beach, all of them with great and different surfin’ conditions. Vowed to make it his life’s work to visit every Long Beach in the world. Graduate of Drexel University with a degree in engineering, a Navy pilot, flew with the Blue Angels. His personal journeys take him to South America, Australia, South Africa, and throughout North America. Known worldwide for his patriotic surfboards.

  • Mantra “We should have more cities named Long Beach!”
  • Home Break Long Beach (“which gives me a choice of 12 States in the USA alone!”)
  • Fave Surf Spot “Long Beach for sure, but I’m never quite sure which one is my fave!”
  • Bust Out Move Blue Angel Inverted 360 (“satisfies my need for speed”)
  • Fuels up on “If I could (and fortunately, I can’t) get to Two Harbors every day, it would be the Bumbleberry and 5 Layer Chocolate Cream Pies at Betty’s Pies”
  • Best Surf Memory “Surfin’ in places I never thought would have surf”
  • Best Beach Buds “On the east coast, it’s my favorite dolphin, Finley; on the west coast, it’s joining up with Mavericks Mavy and my second favorite dolphin, Wavy”
  • When Not Surfing Finding and traveling to still another Long Beach somewhere
  • Advice for Groms “Be adventurous—find surf where you don’t expect it; I had a great time surfin’ Lake Minnewaska in Long Beach and Lake Superior, both in Minnesota!”
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