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Meet the Dudes:
Mako P.I. & G.

Mako P.I. & G.

Panama Bay
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Mako P.I. has one job—to take a Mako-sized bite out of injustice. Mako and his sizzling sidekick, G., protect Panama Bay from pollution and bullies (wave hogs). When not fin deep investigating stuff, they can be found sneaking through the Panama Canal to protect the east and west coasts of North and South America. Despite their intimidating and comical appearance, Mako and G. have become local heroes to the Panama groms and can be found giving surf lessons when not on the clock. Loves to call Costa Rica Rick although G. dials their shell phone.

  • Mantra “To Protect and Surf”
  • Home Break Panama Bay
  • Fave Surf Spot Anywhere the currents take us
  • Bust Out Move Warrant for Arrest
  • Fuels up on Anything but pork and beans
  • Best Surf Memory “Chasing off the big bad wave hogs”
  • Best Beach Buds G., Costa Rica Rick, and Laguna Luna
  • When Not Surfing On patrol
  • Advice for Groms “Stay in school and don’t be a wave hog!”
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