Surfer Dudes announced as ESA’s presenting sponsor

Surfer Dudes are excited to announce that the dudes will be the presenting sponsor for all of ESA’s post-season championship events for 2018 and 2019. ESA’s drive to including younger groms along the east coast, Great Lakes and Gulf Coast of Florida, makes Surfer Dudes and ESA a great match.

In the words of our COO, Jordan Reardon, “Surfer Dudes is particularly thrilled by the family atmosphere ESA creates. It’s common to see two and three generations together at their events. After all, the beach and surf are great places for families to be together…for both the young at heart and young in age.”

Michelle Sommers, ESA’s executive director agrees, “We are thrilled to have Surfer Dudes on the beach at our premier events to offer our competitors, and their family members, a fun, interactive experience.”

For the ESA’s 2018 championship schedule, please visit