Why Just Surf!®

Just Surf! is all about simply meeting life’s challenges with a smile, some fun, and a great positive attitude.

It started with Hossegor Hank. Before surfing a big wave, or tackling an obstacle in his life,

Hank, in his French laissez-faire style, would boost his confidence with a simple, “Just Surf!”

Aussie Alice picked it up and Just Surf! spread quickly to her fellow Surfer Dudes®.

A cloudy morning…Just Surf! (it will clear up)

Tough test in school…Just Surf! (but first, focus and study hard)

Missed that wave…Just Surf! (patience, you’ll get the next one)

It was fun and catchy. The Dudes used it over and over, learning life’s daily obstacles are best met with positive attitudes,

while showing their surfing style. Or, as Alice would say, “We’ve got this…Just Surf!”

So, remember, whenever you take on a new challenge or, even better,

when everything is going the way you want, hold onto that confidence, have fun,

and…Just Surf!