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Legends & Surfer Pets Series 1

  • Legendary explorer of the seas. Fascinated when she saw people surfin’ on waves above her when off Laguna Beach; had to figure out how to surf. Her life changed when she found a copy of Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis. Traveled to Bensalem but found little surf in Pennsylvania. Headed for Hawaii, befriended Astra, a local unicorn on Maui. Fortunately, Astra knew where they could find some longboards, and together, they learned to surf. Found the North Shore a bit challenging; Luna and Astra prefer gentle sloping beaches all around the world.

    Mantra: “Always aim to have fun in the water, even if you’re just flapping about”
    Home Break: Atlantis
    Fave Surf Spot: Gentle sloping beaches with long rolling surf
    Bust Out Move: “I’m a mermaid and can do ’em all!”
    Fuels up on: Plankton, seaweed, and when Astra returns from a bakery on land, clam cookies!
    Best Surf Memory: Surfing by moonlight
    Best Beach Buds: My unicorn Astra, Mako P.I., Aussie Alice, Bali Bobbi, and Hossegor Hank
    When Not Surfing: Rescuing those lost at sea, telling tall “tails” about it, especially on her shell phone with Mako P.I.
    Advice for groms:“Respect our oceans and don’t forget to come up and breathe!”

    Grew up New Jersey, spent his summers on LBI learning to surf. Found out LBI stood for Long Beach Island though no one ever calls it Long Beach. Soon discovered there were lots of places called Long Beach, all of them with great and different surfin’ conditions. Vowed to make it his life’s work to visit every Long Beach in the world. Graduate of Drexel University with a degree in engineering, a Navy pilot, flew with the Blue Angels. His personal journeys take him to South America, Australia, South Africa, and throughout North America. Known worldwide for his patriotic surfboards.

    Mantra:“We should have more cities named Long Beach!”
    Home Break: Long Beach (“which gives me a choice of 12 States in the USA alone!”)
    Fave Surf Spot: “Long Beach for sure, but I’m never quite sure which one is my fave!”
    Bust Out Move: Blue Angel Inverted 360 (“satisfies my need for speed”)
    Fuels up on: “If I could (and fortunately, I can’t) get to Two Harbors every day, it would be the Bumbleberry and 5 Layer Chocolate Cream Pies at Betty’s Pies”
    Best Surf Memory: “Surfin’ in places I never thought would have surf”
    Best Beach Buds: “On the east coast, it’s my favorite dolphin, Finley; on the west coast, it’s joining up with Mavericks Mavy and my second favorite dolphin, Wavy”
    When Not Surfing: Finding and traveling to still another Long Beach somewhere
    Advice for groms:“Be adventurous—find surf where you don’t expect it; I had a great time surfin’ Lake Minnewaska in Long Beach and Lake Superior, both in Minnesota!”

    Mako P.I. has one job—to take a Mako-sized bite out of injustice. Mako and his sizzling sidekick, G., protect Panama Bay from pollution and bullies (wave hogs). When not fin deep investigating stuff, they can be found sneaking through the Panama Canal to protect the east and west coasts of North and South America. Despite their intimidating and comical appearance, Mako and G. have become local heroes to the Panama groms and can be found giving surfin’ lessons when not on the clock. Loves to call Costa Rica Rick although G. dials their shell phone.

    Mantra:“To Surf and Protect”
    Home Break: Panama Bay
    Fave Surf Spot: Anywhere the currents take us
    Bust Out Move: Warrant for Arrest
    Fuels up on: Anything but pork and beans
    Best Surf Memory: “Chasing off the big bad wave hogs”
    Best Beach Buds: G., Costa Rica Rick, and Laguna Luna
    When Not Surfing: On patrol
    Advice for groms: “Stay in school and don’t become a wave hog!”

    Grew up San Francisco and Marin County, her Mom and Dad started to teach her to surf at age 5. Became a top amateur along with her rival, Surf City Sally. Really blossomed when friends suggested she travel down the coast to Ghost Tree and Mavericks. Became famous for her courageous airdrops; nicknamed Mavericks (which suited her personality). Really smart, went to Stanford. With classmates, started some of the early tech firms. Now retired, still surfs every day; consults with start-ups (reminding her of what it’s like to be a grom their first day on a board).

    Mantra: “Get up early and go surfin’—makes the rest of your day a breeze!”
    Home Break: Palo Alto, also Taholah in Washington and Cannon Beach in Oregon
    Fave Surf Spot: Zero G Airdrops, preferably from at least 10 feet
    Bust Out Move: Sam taught me to do a pretty awesome Aerial Alley Oop
    Fuels up on: Once a week, a bear claw at Happy Donuts, but usually fun salads and yogurt
    Best Surf Memory: “My first day at Mavericks and my first really big airdrop there!”
    Best Beach Buds: “I’ve always loved dolphins—my fave is Wavy, who jumps on my board with me whenever she’s around (and loves airdrops as much as I do!)”
    When Not Surfing: “Sharing what I learned to help young entrepreneurs get their sea legs!”
    Advice for groms: “Take school and learning as seriously as surfin’; with luck and hard work, you too can retire young and surf every day of your life!”

    Was conquering waves at age 7 as a topflight amateur from Surf City on the Outer Banks where onlookers were already calling her Surf City Sally. Learned Huntington Beach held trademark for Surf City. Convinced her family to move to California where she fully developed her legendary surfin’ skills and rivalry with Mavericks Mavy. Discovered Bali Bobbi on a trip to “the Park” in Real, Quezon. Graduate of Pepperdine with degree in Marine Biology, still surfs every day. Plans to take a year off from work to train and compete for the USA Olympic surfing team.

    Mantra: “I’m homeward bound, where I’ll be shootin’ the curl…in Surf City!”
    Home Break: Surf City, but still heads up to Malibu to meet up with Pepperdine surfers
    Fave Surf Spot: “Any town called Surf City; also, very fond of Ghost Tree and Mavericks”
    Bust Out Move: 180-degree Air Reverse—“Bobbi does it to perfection, but I did teach her”
    Fuels up on: Anything with walnuts, almonds, or avocado
    Best Surf Memory: “Endless hours surfin’ with Bali Bobbi”
    Best Beach Buds: “Number 1 is my dog and Surfer Pet, Malibu (Bu-Bu); for surfin’ pals, it’s Bali Bobbi and Mavericks Mavy”
    When Not Surfing: Playing with Bu-Bu to relax, reading, listening to surf music from the 50’s & 60’s
    Advice for groms: “Listen to your teachers and never, ever, ever stop learning!”

    Costa Rica Rick’s Dad. Grew up surfin’ Hawaii, taught Rick his craft. Got his nickname from Waikiki and his old Woodie Wagon. Moved the family to Costa Rica when Rick was 12. Returned to Hawaii a decade later; couldn’t convince Rick to come (although Rick returns every year to surf Pipeline and Jaws with his Dad). First purchase back in Hawaii was an old Woodie Wagon, spent several years faithfully restoring it. Usually seen cruising around Oahu, boards on roof, his dog Curl hanging out the window. Together they’re always searching for great waves!

    Mantra: “Surfin’ keeps Curl and me young in life and alive with nature”
    Home Break: Sunset Beach
    Fave Surf Spot: “Hawaii, hard to pick just one fave, and Costa Rica for consistent waves”
    Bust Out Move: El Rodeo Flip—“I still love doing it, even though Rick does it so much better!”
    Fuels up on: Kona coffee, any fresh veggies, fruits, or nuts, especially locally grown in Hawaii; when I want something sweet, the malasadas at Leonard’s
    Best Surf Memory: “Watching Rick get back up after his first wipeout and head right back out with even more determination to catch the next wave and Just Surf!®”
    Best Beach Buds: “Curl, who lives with me; Aussie Alice, who lives nearby; and Costa Rica Rick, who I wish lived nearby”
    When Not Surfing: “Golfing at Ala Wai—where else can you golf with a view of Diamond Head?”
    Advice for groms: “Learn to surf, then visit Rick in Costa Rica who will happily show you the very best places to surf in his adopted homeland”

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    • Hours and hours of fun for the whole family!
    • NO batteries or wind-up required; uses the energy of the surf!
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    • 6 Surfer Dudes Legends & Surfer Pets® to choose from!