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People have been playing on beaches and in the water since recorded human history, but beach toys haven’t evolved much since our first plunge into the deep blue. Kids at the beach are likely still playing with sand toy staples, like shovels, sandcastle molds, squishy water balls, and ocean toys like pool noodles or beach balls. While there’s nothing wrong with these toys, one can’t help but wonder: is there anything else out there? Our goal at TOYosity is to answer with an “of course dude!”.

Surfer Dudes are our answer and are a fresh step forward in ocean toys. Our patented wave toy doesn’t just float above water — it shreds waves up to three feet tall, glides over water, and, like the tide, always comes back to shore. It’s the world’s first surf boomerang, and with over two million Dudes sold, we think you and your child are going to love it.

Read on to learn more about Surfer Dudes and see our answers to frequently asked questions from customers, fans, and groms of all sizes.  Or if you already have a Dude and just want help assembling it, look no further to assemble your very own Dude and ditch Marco Polo for good!


The Surfer Dude is our patented wave toy and the world’s first surf boomerang! Shaped like a surfboard, each Surfer Dude comes with an interchangeable Dude who clips onto the body (Skeg) of the toy, and then rides
the waves with ease…just like a real-life surfer! Our boards are stabilized on the bottom by our patented wing pieces, meaning your Dude will never grub (surfer for “falling off a board”) or go upside down in the water. Some Dudes might even bring along a “Surfer Pet” for the ride!

“Surf boomerang” is a term we’ve coined to describe SurferDudes because, like a boomerang your Surfer Dude comes cruising back to you.Its hand-held shape and design make the Surfer Dude perfectly buoyant andbalanced, and its distinctive wedge shape helps it glide over water. Beachballs can get lost in the surf, but your Surfer Dude will always come surfingright back to you!

Surfer Dudes are very easy to use! After you’ve assembled your Dude, head over to your favorite beach. Get close to the water, ideally close to the waves, but still on the shore. Grab your Dude by the tip of its board and toss it into the waves. The optimal wave for a Surfer Dude is about 3in to 3 ft tall, so be careful not to have them surf monster waves. Their boards are self-righting, meaning no matter how you throw them, they will always be on top of the board! When you’re finished, rinse your Dude with fresh water and store them for later play. No need to disassemble!

We built our Surfer Dudes for seven-year-olds and up, but beachgoers of any age can shred some waves with a Surfer Dude. And since our Dudes and their pets are customizable, this creative beach toy can become your child’s very own, unique ocean toy.

We’ve sold over two million Surfer Dudes in different sizes, styles and configurations, but what makes them such a popular kids beach toy? It could be that our toys are easy to use and maintain, since there are no electrical parts or batteries to replace. Or perhaps it’s that little groms don’t have to worry about cuts, bruises, or hazardous small parts. Or maybe it’s just the sheer joy that we’ve seen from kids when they see their Dudes surfing back to them. Whatever the reason, Surfer Dudes just seem to glide right off the shelves when it’s peak surfing time!

“Fun” is the most obvious answer, but over our years of selling Dudes we’ve observed other benefits too. Surfer Dudes can help your child safely get over their fear of water, as they can have a fun aquatic experience without needing to wade too far into the ocean to retrieve their toy. Dudes also make it easier for your child to enjoy some outdoor time at the beach and get a much-needed screen break (something we could all probably use). We’ve even seen tons of kids who were inspired by Surfer Dudes to try real surfing for the first time!

While lost parts are rare, it is still very important to TOYosity that all our customers have a wonderful experience with our toys. We are always here to help you and assist you with any problems you may encounter.

There are several ways you can reach us, one of which is to
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If you’re in central Florida like us, you can’t go wrong with Cocoa Beach, Clearwater Beach, or Daytona Beach. These are all awesome family locations that should have well-sized waves for your Dude(s). A good rule of thumb is to search for kid friendly beaches in your area.

You can find Surfer Dudes at locations across the globe, or you can order your very own toy right now through our website.

We built The Surfer Dude to be an award-winning beach toy for kids because we wanted to make the ocean a little more fun for everyone. And while we think sand castles and beach balls are great, they’ve got their share of problems: missing or broken pieces, and if you lose them in the water, they’re gone.