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Humans have been playing on beaches and in the water since recorded human history, and probably much, much earlier than that. Kids beach toys haven’t evolved much since our first plunge into the deep blue. You or your children are likely still playing with sand toy staples like shovels, sand castle molds, squishy water balls, and ocean toys like pool noodles or beach balls.

How do you keep your kids entertained at the beach?

Typically parents bring beach toys if they’ve got kids to keep busy. You can bring beach balls that deflate or float away, sand toys like molds and shovels that get old; you can even pack a lunch or snack, but if those aren’t keeping your kids busy, or if your kids are simply looking for a new, creative beach toy,give our Surfer Dude a try at your next beach day.
The Surfer Dude is the next step forward in ocean toys. With over one million Dudes sold, our patented wave toy doesn’t just float above water — it shreds waves up to three feet tall, glides over surfaces, and, like the tide, always comes back to shore. It’s the world’s first surf boomerang, and we think you or your children are going to love it. Read on to learn more about Surfer Dudes or see how to assemble your very own Dude and ditch Marco Polo.


The Surfer Dude is our patented wave toy that always comes roaring back to you. Shaped like a surfboard, each Surfer Dude comes with an interchangeable Dude who clips into the body of the toy, and, just like surfers in real life, rides the waves with ease. Our boards are stabilized on the bottom by patented fin pieces, meaning your Dude will never grub (surfer for falling off a board) or go upsidedown in the water, making it hard to find.

Where beach balls can get lost in the surf, and sand castle molds can only be used on shore, our Surfer Dudes are the first and only surf boomerangs that’ll give you or your children hours of fun and safe ocean entertainment. You can even use the toy on land or in a pool.

A “surf boomerang” is a term we coined to describe our Surfer Dudes, because, like a boomerang, your Surfer Dude will always come cruising back to you. Its hand-held shape and design make the surfer dude perfectly buoyant and balanced, and its distinctive wedge shape helps it glide over water so you’ll never have to go fishing for your Dude either.

Simple to use and assemble, this wave toy provides hours of fun in the sun. It’s as easy as assembling your Surfer Dude onto the board and getting close to the water, ideally close to the waves, but on the shore. Grab your Dude by the tip of its board and toss it into the waves. The board is self-righting, meaning no matter how you throw it, the Dude is always on top of the board! When you’re finished, rinse the board with fresh water and store it. No need to disassemble!

We built our Surfer Dude beach toys for seven-year-olds and up, but beach-goers of any age can shred some waves with a Surfer Dude. And since our Dudes and their pets are customizable, this creative beach toy can become you or your child’s very own, unique ocean toy.

We’ve sold over one million Surfer Dudes in different sizes, styles and configurations, but what makes them such a popular kids beach toy? Our toys are easy to use and maintain since there are no electrical parts or batteries to replace. And little hands don’t have to worry about getting cut by our durable plastic design — we made the Surfer Dude without edges or hazardous small parts. Your Dude securely locks into place onto the board, so no matter what, you’re not going to come back home with missing parts, unlike sand toys such as buckets, shovels, and molds. Our boards are designed to be self-righting, so they won’t get lost in the surf, and they’re made with durable materials that can stand up to a rough day at the beach or hours of sun exposure.

Surfer Dudes are fun for hours, and educational as well. They teach kids that the ocean doesn’t have to be a scary place ruled by monster waves or lurking sea creatures. It can be a fun place, with opportunities for games, sports and play — a lesson your kids will cary with them.

The Surfer Dude is also powered by waves and comes right back to you. For parents of small children, this means that you don’t have to wade through the surf to retrieve your child’s toy, and your child can stay safely on land.

Where Can I Buy a Surfer Dude?

You can find Surfer Dudes at locations across the globe, or you can order your very own toy right now through our website.

We built The Surfer Dude to be an award-winning beach toy for kids because we wanted to make the ocean a little more fun for everyone. And while we think sand castles and beach balls are great, they’ve got their share of problems: missing or broken pieces, and if you lose them in the water, they’re gone.