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How to Assemble

Slide Skeg into wing until it clicks & locks in place
Insert Skeg, Press dude & Pet into skeg until they click and lock!
Test all connections with a firm pull!

How to Take Apart

Remove pet first, then your dude's back foot

Helpful Hints

  • Don’t be afraid to push hard on your Fin Key to dislodge any one of the clasp locks!
  • To remove Pets or Dudes, angle your Fin Key perpendicular to each clasp lock
  • Be mindful of your finger placement (follow illustrations) when using your Fin Key; if you are a grom, it might be easier to use two fingers instead of just your thumb
  • If you accidentally assembled your Surfer Dude without its surfboard, simply remove your Dude (or Pet), then reassemble in the correct order
  • To remove wing, position your Fin Key perpendicular to wing
Then Their Front Foot

Surfer Dudes Safety Tips


Surfer Dudes Do's

  • Use only with adult supervision!
  • Follow all beach rules & warnings!
  • Surfs best in breaking, foamy waves, 3 inches to 3 feet high!
  • Rinse with fresh water after use!
  • Gently sloping sandy beaches ideal!
  • Surfer Dudes Don'ts

  • Never throw at people or pets!
  • Don't use in waves over 3 feet high!
  • No rocky or steep beaches!
  • Never use in riptides or strong currents!
  • Never use in windy conditions or thunderstorms!