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Legends & Surfer Pets

Beach days are always more fun with Surfer Dudes Legends & Surfer Pets; the world's first and only Surf Boomerang®! These amazing kids beach toys are your ticket to hours of fun, imaginative, and safe playtime in the water. Our patented self-righting design allows Surfer Dudes to catch waves and make their way back to you again and again, so just toss them in the water and let the fun begin! With eight fun and unique characters in our Legends & Surfer Pets collection to choose from, there’s a Surfer Dude for every kid! Hang loose and order the best kids ocean toys today! 

  • Harnesses the energy of the surf — no batteries or wind-up required
  • Self-righting design allows them to catch waves and always make their way back
  • Made with durable materials for endless hours of sun and water exposure
  • Safe for kids — no sharp edges or small parts

The perfect kids beach toys, Surfer Dudes are guaranteed to provide hours of fun for the whole family! The Legends & Surfer Pets collection offers a wide range of radically different characters that represent the biggest names in the Surfer Dudes universe. Plus, all of the parts are interchangeable and can be mixed and matched between all of the Surfer Dudes toys, offering more than one million unique combinations!  So whether you’re at the beach or at a pool, you’ll be glad you brought this kids ocean toy with you! Surfs up — order yours today! 

  • Rincon Rex has been surfing for millions of years now. After attending Dino U (the first institution of higher learning, established well before the University of Karueein) he used the woodworking skills he learned to make his very first surfboard. This wound up being a fateful decision, as Rincon Rex and his Super Cool Pet cat, Santa Cruz, surfed their way to safety during the great Ice Age. As the only survivors of the Ice Age, Rincon Rex took it upon himself to teach the first humans how to surf. Rincon Rex knew how fun surfing was at the time, but he never could have guessed just how popular it would become around the world. Nowadays, Rincon Rex still finds his short arms an obstacle to paddling out, and Santa Cruz — perfectly content to sit and find the warm spots on their surfboard — is not much help. Rincon Rex was excited about the debut of Olympic surfing in Japan in 2020, and he looks forward to watching these events every four years. When you’re millions of years old, four years isn’t too long of a wait!

    Mantra: “Back in the Ice Age, we had waves you wouldn’t believe”
    Home Break: Rincon in Puerto Rico
    Fave Surf Spot: Really big waves, so Cyclops, Teahupo’o, Nazare, Jaws—“having jet skis get me out to the top of waves really helps me overcome my short arms for paddling”
    Bust Out Move: “Hard to believe given my size, but I’m pretty dainty walkin’ the nose”
    Fuels up on: "Any nut, although I love white macadamia nut cookies whenever I can get my claws on them. "
    Best Surf Memory: “I have two—surfing my way out of the Ice Age and teaching the first human to surf”
    Best Beach Buds: Santa Cruz, Teahupo’o Tiki, Hossegor Hank, Donegan Doolin, and Surf City Sally
    When Not Surfing: “Going to the gym—just love the treadmill and bicycles”
    Advice for groms:“Learn to surf—there is a special connection with the ocean and its waves”

    The proud creation of renowned CalTech grad Dr. Wave, H2O (codenamed Oscar) is the perfect surfing robot.
    While Dr.Wave might have tackled any of the world’s problems with his superior intellect, he chose to focus on developing metals that would not rust in salt water. This led to his true passion project; creating H2O, the perfect surfing robot! Complete with special sensors to help detect perfect waves and create radical new surfing moves, H2O moved to Hanalei, Hawaii, with Dr.Wave to complete his surfing programming. Originally named H-20, Dr.Wave decided that H2O was a much better fit for the surfing robot after Hanalei Hawaii Oscar christened the automaton in the cool blue Hawaiian waters. H2O went on to become friends with Waikiki Woodie and Curl, the latter of which was used as the model for Rusty — H2Os Super Cool Pet and surfing companion created by Dr.Wave.

    Mantra: As Dr. Wave says, “The best way to predict your future is to invent it!”
    Home Break: Hanalei, Hawaii
    Fave Surf Spot: The Arctic and Antarctica—“cold doesn’t affect me at all, so I can surf both of these; and Rusty just loves playing with the polar bears and penguins!”
    Bust Out Move: Aerial drop into a Green Room tube, which I love doing at Nazare, Portugal
    Fuels up on: A special oil that Dr. Wave invented that prevents me from rusting
    Best Surf Memory: My first Green Room tube at Pipeline, really turned my bolts
    Best Beach Buds: Waikiki Woodie, Curl, and Aussie Alice
    When Not Surfing: Tightening my bolts
    Advice for groms: “Surfing is all about sensing that perfect upcoming wave”

    During his first visit to Earth, Maui Martian abducted a sheep named Bahthoven. He first became aware of surfing after studying Bahthoven’s brain waves, but during his time at the University of Mars, he couldn’t find any research on surfing. Fascinated with surfing, Maui Martian returned to Earth to try and learn more about it. Awkwardly enough, the first time he saw Donegan Doolin’s green hair he mistook him for a fellow martian. It was soon after this that he began practicing surfing, and Maui Martian found that Bahthoven was a great assistant in his efforts. Maui Martian's time in outer space helped him advance quickly, and before too long he was riding like a pro; impressing onlookers with the way he appears to effortlessly glide across the waves. Maui Martian has tried to teach Promethei Paula to glide the waves too, and he tells her it will help her surf on Mars. He often teases Paula by telling her that he’s already surfed on Mars, and that it “really is a blast without gravity!”

    Mantra: “If I can surf, so can you!”
    Home Break: Area 51—“makes me feel like home on Earth!”
    Fave Surf Spot: Promethei Terra—“until Promethei Paula gets there, I’m the only one to ever surf it!”
    Bust Out Move: Glide and curl—“people tell me it’s out of this world!”
    Fuels up on: Moon pies
    Best Surf Memory: Promethei Terra on Mars
    Best Beach Buds: Promethei Paula, Voss Victoria, Long Beach Larry, and Donegan Doolin
    When Not Surfing: Flying my UFO through the skies! It drives the Air Force crazy.
    Advice for groms: “Don’t be foolish—even I wear sunscreen!”

    Promethei Paula grew up in Cocoa Beach, where Sumatra Sam taught her to surf. As someone who dreamt of being an astronaut from a young age, Promethei Paula loved surfing at dusk; especially when she could watch launches from Cape Canaveral while she caught waves! After attending the Air Force Academy and working hard to become an astronaut, Promethei Paula set her sights on becoming the first surfer to surf both Earth and Mars. Due to her love of surfing, she was nicknamed “Promethei” after the ice glaciers that can be found on Mars. Paula went on to adopt Alberta, the granddaughter of Albert, who was the first chimpanzee in space. Paula Promethei is at her happiest on her surfin’ safaris with Alberta, and she loves sharing her (somewhat joking) opinion that NASA should be renamed the National Aeronautics and Surf Administration.

    Mantra: “Can’t wait to surf without gravity, has to be a blast!”
    Home Break: Cape Canaveral
    Fave Surf Spot: “Well, on Earth, it’s Florida beaches, but I can’t wait to surf the moon or Mars!”
    Bust Out Move: Sam taught me to do a pretty awesome Aerial Alley Oop
    Fuels up on: Citrus, especially Indian River grapefruit. In space, it’s Tang — “Because that’s as close as I can get to real citrus.”
    Best Surf Memory: “Watching launches from my surfboard.”
    Best Beach Buds: Alberta, of course. Bobbi, Sam, and Maui Martian. “I love how Maui glides on the surf!”
    When Not Surfing: “Walking and jogging the beaches, especially with Bali Bobbi and Sumatra Sam”
    Advice for groms: “Never give up on your dreams!”

    Teahupo’o Tiki grew up in Polynesia and was taught by the renowned surf master Rincon Rex. He likes to claim that he was the first human to surf, but that claim is widely disputed, even by Rincon Rex! Rex says he taught many humans in Polynesia to surf well before he taught Teahupo’o Tiki.
    After moving to Hawaii, Teahupo’o Tiki attended the University of Hawaii and joined the surfing team. It was here that he became friends with Waikiki Woodie. Teahupo’o Tiki is also Costa Rica Rick’s godfather, and he likes to surf while wearing a mask inspired by Kanaloa; which he claims gives him special powers and helps dial-up the awesome on his surfing moves! Toucan Tiki became his Super Cool Pet after Teahupo’o Tiki discovered him during a trip to Costa Rica with Rincon Rex. Teahupo’o Tiki loves that Toucan Tiki is naturally as colorful as his beloved mask, and he loves that Toucan Tiki constantly tells him “The bird is the word.” Together, the dynamic duo is known as the Tiki Twins.

    Mantra: “Everyone has a surf mate, and if you’re even luckier, a surf twin. Take the time to find yours.”
    Home Break: Honolulu
    Fave Surf Spot: Teahupo’o
    Bust Out Move: Closeout Re-entry
    Fuels up on: Pineapple, lilikoi, chicken long rice, lomi lomi salmon, and a lot of cereal; especially for Toucan Tiki who seems to have a bit of a sweet tooth.
    Best Surf Memory: “The first time Toucan Tiki and I were called the Tiki Twins. I just knew we were a great team and was so happy to have others see our chemistry on the surf.”
    Best Beach Buds: Toucan Tiki, Rincon Rex, Waikiki Woodie, Aussie Alice, Surf City Sally
    When Not Surfing: “Convincing people I was the first human to surf (though they are never convinced)”
    Advice for groms: “Never be afraid to take off your mask and be yourself”

    Growing up in Norway, Voss Victoria discovered river surfing after finding the frigid ocean waters a bit too cold. Voss Victoria attended Valhalla University, where she met her Super Cool Pet pegasus, Bulken, on a river surfing trip. To this day, Voss Victoria spends her time exploring the best river surfing spots around the world with her Bulken by her side (or rather, at her feet on her surfboard). Mythical in her surfing abilities, Voss Victoria is known for conquering the Amazon and every river in Scandanavia. She’s currently working on surfing all 22 miles of Severn Bore in Wales in one continuous flow.

    Mantra: “Surfin’ for miles on a river is a great ride!”
    Home Break: Voss, Norway
    Fave Surf Spot: “Pretty much any river with surf”
    Bust Out Move: "My mythical carve and foam climb, both essential moves in my river surfing."
    Fuels up on: Gravlax, lingonberries, meatballs, and pancakes (“any time of the day”)
    Best Surf Memory: “Still working on it. I’ll be the first to surf the length of Severn Bore. It will be really special to break the current record of 12 kilometers.”
    Best Beach Buds: Bulken, Laguna Luna & Astra, Maui Martian, Promethei Paula, Long Beach Larry
    When Not Surfing: Studying Viking and Norse mythology
    Advice for groms: “Surfin’ is not just for oceans”

    Mako P.I. has one job — to take a Mako-sized bite out of injustice! Mako and his sizzling sidekick, G., protect Panama Bay from pollution, bullies, and wave hogs. When not fin deep in their investigations, they can be found sneaking through the Panama Canal to protect the east and west coasts of North and South America. Despite their intimidating and comical appearance, Mako and G. have become local heroes to the Panama groms and can be found giving surf lessons when not on the clock. Mako P.I. loves talking on the phone with Costa Rica Rick, although G. dials their shell phone.

    Mantra:“To Surf and Protect”
    Home Break: Panama Bay
    Fave Surf Spot: Anywhere the currents take us
    Bust Out Move: Warrant for Arrest
    Fuels up on: Anything but pork and beans
    Best Surf Memory: “Chasing off the big bad wave hogs”
    Best Beach Buds: G., Costa Rica Rick, and Laguna Luna
    When Not Surfing: On patrol
    Advice for groms: “Stay in school and don’t become a wave hog!”

    A legendary explorer of the seas, Laguna Luna was fascinated when she saw people surfin’ on waves above her on the waters off Laguna Beach. From that moment, she had to figure out how to surf. Her life changed when she found a copy of Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis. Laguna Luna traveled to Bensalem but found little surf in Pennsylvania, so she headed for Hawaii. While in Maui, she befriended a local unicorn named Astra who showed Luna where to find longboards. Astra and Laguna Luna learned to surf together. They found the North Shore a bit challenging for their tastes, and have been surfing gentler, sloping beaches all around the world ever since.

    Mantra: “Always aim to have fun in the water, even if you’re just flapping about”
    Home Break: Atlantis
    Fave Surf Spot: Gentle sloping beaches with long rolling surf
    Bust Out Move: “I’m a mermaid and can do ’em all!”
    Fuels up on: Plankton, seaweed, and when Astra returns from a bakery on land, clam cookies!
    Best Surf Memory: Surfing by moonlight
    Best Beach Buds: My unicorn Astra, Mako P.I., Aussie Alice, Bali Bobbi, and Hossegor Hank
    When Not Surfing: Rescuing those lost at sea, telling tall “tails” about it, especially on her shell phone with Mako P.I.
    Advice for groms:“Respect our oceans and don’t forget to come up and breathe!”

  • Award-winning surf toy and the world's first and only Surf Boomerang®


    • 1 Surfer Dude
    • 1 Super Cool Pet
    • 1 Unsinkable Surfboard
    • 1 Wing
    • 1 Skeg
    • 1 Fin-Key