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Surfer Pets

All Surfer Pets require a Surfer Dudes Classic or Legend surfboard, wing, and skeg to surf! Surfer Dudes Classics and Legends are sold separately.

  • The first time Astra and Luna met was by moonlight. The unicorn, Astra, could not believe mermaids were real, let alone that they surfed! Luna soon had Astra trottin’ and shreddin’ the waves. They’ve been best friends ever since!

    The Navy’s first ever subaqueous pilot, code name Finley, met Larry on a very long beach. Few people believed that a dolphin should pilot a plane; Larry believed Finley could do anything. Larry soon found out the hard way that dolphins, though great surfers, shouldn’t pilot planes.

    Gorgeous (or, as his friends call him, G.) graduated from Hay U. Earning a degree in criminology to match his passion for justice, G. met fellow alumni and future crime stopper, Mako P.I. They’ve been inseparable partners ever since.

    Got his name from curling up into a ball, in his bed or, better yet, on a surfboard. Soon learned that standing up on the surfboard was a lot more fun. Curl is famous throughout the Hawaiian Islands for his ability to hear anyone bark, “Let’s go surfin’,” and get to the beach in an instant!

    Became legendary as the first dog to ever surf both the East and West coasts…Surf City, of course, for both. Easily excited, Malibu will drag any surfboard to the ocean’s edge by just its leash. Says, “it’s a better use for the leash than trying to use it on me.”

    Wavy met her best friend Mavy when they collided in the surf near Ghost Tree. Wavy helped Mavy back to shore. Mavy still says that Wavy bumped into her on porpoise.

    Told time and again, you can’t be a Pegasus without wings. Over time, Bulken  still learned to fly. Inspired to surf by Voss Victoria’s savage moves and impressive style, Bulken now tells the other Pegasi and unicorns, “it feels like I'm flying when I surf!”

    Rusty’s prototyping began when Dr. Wave determined that H2O had a ballast problem. Rather than recalibrate H2O, Dr. Wave determined it more cost effective to invent an entirely new robot. Enamored by Curl and millions of dollars later, few would even notice the deft maneuvers of Rusty’s patented paw pressure system, anticipating micro adjustments mere nanoseconds before H2O’s sensors.

    Bahthoven, unlike many sheep who dreamt of a simple life of grazing, dreamt of surfing. His last memory, before being whisked to Mars, was the grass beneath his hooves giving way to a strange uplifting force, an eerie green luminescence and a curt hoof shake by the Martian anthropologist, Maui Martian. Maui Martian claimed Martians thought Bahthoven was Earth’s most talented musician and looked to document his brain waves. Soon realized their mistake and the red planet's newfound love for surfing.

    A legacy candidate on track for the space program, granddaughter of the first chimp in space, Albert. She attended the Air Force Academy, where she met and partnered with Promethei Paula, bonding with her over their mutual love of surfing and aeronautics. Likes to tease Promethei Paula that she’ll be the first of the two of them to surf Mars, “because I sit at the front of the board.”

    Santa Cruz was born into the Ice Age, despising the cold, spending every day desperately trying to avoid frigid water. One day in her travels, she found something miraculous: a piece of wood carved into a precise shape that would keep her safe from freezing water. Later, the scaly one returned and stated he wanted to reclaim his board. Whenever he approached Santa Cruz, she would let loose her most ferocious hiss, causing the large one to cower back. Eventually the two compromised. Santa Cruz agreed the scaly one could stand near the back of the board. She hasn’t left Rincon Rex’s board ever since.

    Toucan Tiki wasn’t so much born, instead he simply was the bearer of the mask since it was carved. Should Teahupo’o Tiki pass the mask on to its next heir, it will be Toucan Tiki’s obligation to travel with it and guide the next wearer to greater and even more magnificent surf.

    • 12 Surfer Pets to choose from!
    • Compatible with any Legends & Surfer Pet® or Surfer Dudes® Classics
    • The perfect beach buddy for your dude!