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Surfer Dudes Classics

Surfer Dudes Classics are the perfect beach toy! Just toss them into the waves and watch them surf back to you again and again. They're self-righting, so they always catch the wave, and they're made of durable materials so they can withstand hours of fun in the sun. They're also completely safe for kids to use, as they have no sharp edges or small parts. So whether you're at the beach or in the pool, Surfer Dudes are the ocean beach toys guaranteed to provide hours of fun for the whole family!
  • Grew up Australia. Totally fearless, thrives on adventure! Tore up waves at Shipstern Bluff and Cyclops at just 14 years old! Left Australia age 17 to search for the world’s most perfect wave. Has surfed them all from Banzai Pipeline to Dungeons in South Africa. Still exploring in case she missed one. Likes to argue that Mavericks and Ghost Tree in California are as good as they get; many of her surfin’ buddies disagree (but not Mavericks Mavy). Equally loves to talk up Cloud Nine, Dungeons, and Teahupo’o. Tells everyone she will go back to Australia when she’s done searching. Her beach mates reckon it will be a cold day in Bali before she returns Down Undah.

    Mantra: “Come on mates, let’s explore some new waves!”
    Home Break: Waimea Bay, just down the road from Waikiki Woodie and Curl, for now
    Fave Surf Spot: Still searching
    Bust Out Move: Cutback Jack
    Fuels up on: Shrimp on the barbie!
    Best Surf Memory: “Still searching. Many more memories to make before I can pick a fave!”
    Best Beach Buds: Bali Bobbi (we are so much alike!), Hossegor Hank and Laguna Luna
    When Not Surfing: Searching for the best wave—"I follow tons of travel and surfin' vlogs"
    Advice for groms: “Just Surf!®”

    Born Philippines as Roberta. Learned to surf at “the Park” in Real, Quezon. Discovered as a rising star by Surf City Sally. Spent every vacation she could at Baler in Bali. Moved to Bali while in high school, christened Bali Bobbi on the beaches of Siargao Island by fellow surfer dudes in awe of her Rad, Rippin’ Style’n Moves! Hossegor Hank convinced her there were many more oceans to conquer. Now lives in Cocoa Beach hanging with Sumatra Sam and his grommets. Makes sure she gets to Jeffreys Bay to surf J-Bay Barrels off South Africa at least once every year.

    Mantra: “Chill out, already!”
    Home Break: Cocoa Beach and “The Park” in Real, Quezon
    Fave Surf Spot: Ulu Watu for the view and Big Barrels
    Bust Out Move: 180 Air Reverse and The Sushi Roll
    Fuels up on: Bebek Betutu and Gado Gado
    Best Surf Memory: Surfin’ Indo, then sampling the local delicacies after surfin’!
    Best Beach Buds: Aussie Alice (we are just so opposite), Sumatra Sam and Surf City Sally
    When Not Surfing: Painting watercolors of Padang Padang beach scenes
    Advice for groms: “ Listen to Sumatra Sam.” Also known to say, “Help others, in or out of water, and ride the Wave of Life, letting its good Karma wash over you!”

    Born Oahu, moved to Maui age 5. Grew up surfing Hanalei Bay. His father, Waikiki Woodie, moved the family to Costa Rica when Rick was 12. Disappointed at first to leave Hawaii, Rick found he loved Costa Rica even more. Rarely leaves; says he grew up in the world’s best place to surf. Always amazed at the number of surfers that make their way to Costa Rica; another reason to rarely leave—“everyone comes to visit!” Enjoys ribbing Donegan Doolin and Hossegor Hank that he owns no wet suits. Always turns down their invitations to surf Bundoran Beach and Hossegor. Hola! Rick requires warm water, not just great waves, to “thrive and survive!”

    Mantra: “Hola! Es el aqua caliente lo suficiente?”
    Home Break: Playa Avellana
    Fave Surf Spot: Usually found at Malpais when not at Playa Avellana, “but my faves are surfin’ Pipeline and Jaws with my Dad, Waikiki Woodie, back in Hawaii”
    Bust Out Move: El Rodeo Flip
    Fuels up on: Soy Burgers at Lola’s, but “I will go out of my way for the seafood at El Sano Banano when I’m down in Malpais”
    Best Surf Memory: “That’s easy—the number of great friends I have made!”
    Best Beach Buds: Donegan Doolin, Hossegor Hank, Waikiki Woodie, and Mako P.I.
    When Not Surfing: Siesta Time, Brah!
    Advice for groms: “Make sure the water’s 80 degrees”

    Hails from Bundoran Beach, surfing capital of Ireland. Enjoys dueling on the waves with surfin’ blokes, though, naturally, he calls it, “dool-ing.” Loves cold water surfing because, “She’s faster on ice, dude!” Boasts he owns world’s largest wet suit wardrobe, a necessity off the coast of Ireland and at Tofino Bay in Canada, another of Doolin’s favorite cold-water spots. Good friends with Hossegor Hank. Often seen with Hank and Sumatra Sam jamming waves off Cyclops and other beaches in Australia.

    Mantra: “Keep surfin’ laddies! May your joys be as deep as the ocean and your troubles as light as the foam…wherever you may roam!”
    Home Break: Bundoran Beach
    Fave Surf Spot: Supertubes, Portugal, the Pipeline of Europe
    Bust Out Move: Disappearing Act in the Green Room
    Fuels up on: “Anything but haggas, Laddie!”
    Best Surf Memory: “I still get chills watching the video of me in the Green Room tube—don’t know that I will ever have a run like it again”
    Best Beach Buds: Hossegor Hank, Costa Rica Rick, Waikiki Woodie, and Sumatra Sam
    When Not Surfing: Laddie, aye be chillaxin’ now!
    Advice for groms: “Don’t ye be a Barn’y!”

    Grew up Hossegor, France. Idol was Hossegor native and songwriter Jack Johnson. Creative and passionate, a Brosiah of many talents, a true Renaissance Man! Worst wipeout was at Les Cavaliers in Anglet—“I was just glad to survive!” Greatest moments: Surf Seshin’ at Cloud Nine and Teahupo’o. Claims to have more wet suits than Donegan Doolin; says his are much more stylish. Surfs the world, loves Cyclops, Byron Bay, Rainbow Bay, and Bells Beach, camping out in Australia. Thrives on heavy waves. Swears he will never surf Les Cavaliers again.

    Mantra: “Le surf est la vie!”
    Home Break: Hossegor and Biarritz
    Fave Surf Spot: Teahupo’o
    Bust Out Move: Carving 360!
    Fuels up on: Crepes l’orange and chocolate croissants
    Best Surf Memory: Never going back to Les Cavaliers again!
    Best Beach Buds: Aussie Alice, Costa Rica Rick, Donegan Doolin, and Laguna Luna
    When Not Surfing: “Skateboarding in Paris, but I really want to skate Love Park”
    Advice for groms: “Don’t even think about visiting Les Cavaliers!”

    Born in Sumatra, loved watching surfers rip it up at Paradise South Sumatra Surf Camp as a young grom. Became the Big Wave Guru of Bangkulu at Pantai Panjang in his early teenage years. Moved to Hatteras, North Carolina, for his high school years where he perfected his “Flying High Wire” act on the Outer Banks. Had some harrowing wipeouts in the aftermath of Hurricane Isabel. Undaunted, he’s been on a World Surfin’ Safari ever since. Spends his winters in Cocoa Beach, loves using what he learned at Paradise South to inspire and teach grommets how to bust out their very own Big Air Space Coast moves!

    Mantra: “3, 2, 1…LIFTOFF!”
    Home Break: Cocoa Beach
    Fave Surf Spot: “I love so many, but still like to go to the Outer Banks. Brings back great memories and I have lots of friends still there”
    Bust Out Move: Aerial Alley Oop and Re-Entry in my Flying High Wire act—“hey, why not, I invented it!”
    Fuels up on: Coconut, kiwi, and papaya
    Best Surf Memory: “Without a doubt, the number of grommets I have taught to surf!”
    Best Beach Buds: Bali Bobbi, Donegan Doolin, and Long Beach Larry
    When Not Surfing: “I love seeing cloudless sunrises—a whole day of great surfin’ ahead!”
    Advice for groms: “Listen to Bali Bobbi”

    • Award winning surfing toy
    • Just toss your Surfer Dudes into the waves and watch them surf!
    • Patented self-righting design catches waves and surfs back to you again and again
    • Hours and hours of fun for the whole family!
    • NO batteries or wind-up required; uses the energy of the surf!
    • The perfect toy for outdoor fun in the surf
    • World’s First (and Only!) Surf Boomerang!®
    • Interchangeable parts, over 1,000,000 possible unique combinations
    • The perfect beach gift…fun in the pool; better than a rubber duck in the tub!
    • Includes Dude, wing, skeg, fin key, and unsinkable surfboard
    • 6 Surfer Dudes® Classics to choose from!
    • Classics do not include Surfer Pets® but you can add them