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When it comes to planning a family beach day or a vacation on the coast, it’s important to do everything possible to ensure your children have a great time! One of the best possible ways you can accomplish this feat, without spending too much, is by finding the right ocean toy or  kid’s beach toy for your children; this will help ensure a personalized, exciting experience for all the little ones on your trip.

Surfer Dudes are your all-in-one solution to this problem and are some of the best children’s outdoor toys available on today’s market. Designed to engage your child’s imagination and come right back to them every single time, the Surfer Dudes, Powered By Waves surfing toy is ideal for enhancing any family outing or vacation; this improved version of classic water floating toys is perfect for day trips or week-long getaways. Discover why our water boomerang is one of the best beach toys available on the market and  order yours online now!

Our Ocean Toy is Easy to Transport & Perfect for Travel

Packing up for a family vacation, especially with young children, can be a huge hassle. In addition to making sure the house is all squared away before you go, there’s also the challenge of making sure the children have everything they need and aren't forgetting anything. Especially for vacations or day trips that involve going to the beach, your kids may want to bring their entire collection of floating toys to play with while they’re there. 

Surfer Dudes are the perfect middle ground for giving your child the ocean toys they want without having your vehicle truck and luggage bags be filled to the brim. This  kid’s beach toy is not only small in size, but is designed to easily disassemble into two separate pieces: the board itself and the playful characters. No matter how many characters your children will want to bring with them, all the pieces of this ocean toy will easily fit into a suitcase, duffel bag, or beach bag. Our  Surfer Dudes make for the best beach toys because of how easy they are to carry along while traveling via car or airplane!

Thousands of Customizable Surfer Toy Options 

Young children are notorious for having changing tastes as they grow, their interests are guaranteed to shift from one popular TV show or genre to another. This can make it difficult for a parent, aunt, uncle, or grandparents to find the perfect children's outdoor toy for the little boy or girl in the family. Our Surfer Dudes, Powered By Waves ocean toy, however, takes the guesswork out of everything; this water boomerang toy is available in a variety of boards — with either two holes or three holes — and characters. Each of our characters can be easily taken off and replaced with others, allowing for thousands of customized combinations and unique  kid’s beach toys. 

The idea behind our company’s signature surfing toy is to provide your child with hours of imaginative play. Due to the customizable nature of the Surfer Dude ocean toy, your children can have a different playing experience every single day! Our characters and boards come in a variety of colors and are perfect for catering to both young boys and girls; everything from a mermaid to an astronaut, dog, cat, dolphin, shark, and more are available. 

Won’t Get Lost with the Water Boomerang Design

When you’re on vacation as a family, there are more opportunities for children to misplace or completely lose their toys. Whether they leave them in the beach sand, lose them to the ocean’s waves, or misplace them in a hotel room, it all can be a real headache — especially if you’ve got a few days left before you go home. Save yourself the trouble by choosing our kid’s beach toy!  Surfer Dudes are powered by waves and are created to essentially be a water boomerang. What this means is when your child is on the beach and tosses their customized surfing toy into the oncoming waves, its unique design causes it to come right back to them. To your child, it will seem like their own miniature surfer toy will be coming right back to them on the shore, ready for another trip on the waves!

But what makes the Surfer Dude one of the best beach toys for children is not only how it functions as a water boomerang — meaning there is less of a chance it will be lost — but also how brightly colored each one is. It’s easy for everything from children’s outdoor toys to keys, wallets, and other important items to become lost in the sand and seemingly gone forever. This ocean toy, however, is decorated with easy-to-spot colors that make spotting it half-buried in the sand incredibly easy!

The Best Beach Toys for Safety & Swimming  

If your child doesn't have a lot of swimming experience, or is a little timid about stepping into the ocean’s waves, our Surfer Dudes, Powered By Waves toys are perfect. The idea behind our customizable  kid’s beach toy is to make going to the coast as fun and interactive as possible for kids. Teaching your children how to swim and be safe in the ocean is easy when they have their personalized surfing toy right next to them the entire time. Whether your little boy or girl is afraid of the waves or just needs a little push, our water boomerang can help make them more comfortable. 

Our  Surfer Dudes are also perfect for keeping your child safe while they’re swimming and playing in waves. This ocean toy’s water boomerang design means it will always come back to your child after he or she throws it into the oncoming waves. Your child won’t have to risk going too far out into the water to retrieve their new favorite floating toy, which means he or she will be safe from a potential emergency. 

Purchase These Children’s Outdoor Toys Online & In-Store

If you’re ready to give your child or grandchild the best beach toy possible, our  Surfer Dudes are available in a variety of places. Picking out the perfect surfing toy board and character for the little boy or girl in your family is as easy as visiting our website and placing an online order. Free shipping is available for United States customers on all online orders of $24.00 or more! However, if you are already en route to your vacation and don’t have the time to order online, our kid’s beach toy is available in several retail stores across the United States and around the world. 

Check out our store locator  to find the closest retail store to purchase your own water boomerang!

Choose Surfer Dudes, Powered By Waves Every Time

If you’re getting ready to take your kids to the beach, choose our Surfer Dude ocean toy to ensure they have a wonderful time! This  kid’s beach toy is designed for children aged six and up and is perfect for both girls and boys. Because of how customizable our surfing toy characters are, your child is guaranteed to have a unique water boomerang that they can enjoy over and over again. Shop online now and  contact our team directly if you have any questions!

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Tommy Nagel
Tommy Nagel

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