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Whether you live right on the coast or have to drive a bit to see the ocean’s waves, taking the family to the beach is a big deal! Dedicating a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to playing in the water and lounging in the sunshine is the perfect opportunity for creating lifelong memories. But the  Surfer Dudes, Powered By Waves brand can help make these unforgettable experiences even more special by providing your children with endless fun. Our kid’s beach toy is perfect for getting your young children excited before, during, and even after your day trip to the water. Functioning essentially as a water boomerang, a Surfer Dude is the best possible surfer toy and  surfer pet toy for your little boy or girl. 

Discover how you can take a traditional trip to the beach to the next level by choosing to spend it with one of our  Surfer Dudes ocean toys! Designed to create a stress-free experience for parents and a fun-filled one for kids, our children’s outdoor toys are the perfect companion to take with you.  Find a store near you to purchase yours or  place an online order with us today!

Ocean Toys Keep Your Children Involved & Excited 

When you, as a parent, are planning a family vacation, it’s important to get your children excited about the trip and involved in the process; this is true for both week-long stays on the coast or just day trips to the closest beach. An easy way to help your children be motivated to pack their belongings and head out the door is to surprise them with a  Surfer Dude water boomerang. Not only will your little boy or girl be excited to play with their surfing toy when you arrive, but it will also help them cherish the whole experience even more!

Our children’s outdoor toys also make great pre-travel gifts for children who are afraid to go into the water or are unsure about swimming. The addition of a colorful Surfer Dude or  surfer pet can help make them feel more comfortable and excited to play. Getting every member of the family involved in the adventure makes for a more immersive experience and our ocean toy does the trick!

Keep Your Child Engaged with A Water Boomerang

If you plan on spending multiple days — or even one long day — at the beach, it’s important to plan for your children being unsure of what to do. While he or she may swim for a bit and build a sandcastle, he or she may come to you and say their board or don’t know what to do next. But what makes a  Surfer Dude one of the best beach toys is how it can keep your child engaged and having fun for the entire length of your trip!

The way this water boomerang type of surfing toy works is that once your child throws it into the oncoming waves, it will always come right back to them! The little customizable characters on our Surfer Dudes will always surf their way back to your child, ready to be tossed back into the ocean. Your child will have a blast catching this ocean toy and always keeping an eye on where it’s going — all without losing it. Learn more about how your child can use this ocean toy and  build your dude with us now!

Choose Age-Appropriate Floating Toys

One of the biggest struggles when it comes to treating your children is finding the best beach toy that also caters to their current interests and age group. It’s important to ensure you have the right floating toys for your beach day so your children can thoroughly enjoy themselves and have a truly memorable experience. The Surfer Dudes, Powered By Waves brand can help you solve this issue with our very own  Surfer Dudes water boomerangs, which can be customized to fit your child’s personality.

The kid's beach toy is recommended for children ages 6 and above, which makes it the perfect option for several different age groups. Whether your child is still young in their grade school career or is a little farther along, our toys are perfect for giving them a truly personalized experience.  The Surfer Dude water boomerang can be customized to fit the style of your little boy or girl, with several colorful characters to choose from! Build your dude with little surfer figurines or differentsurfer pets and other animals to have a one-of-a-kind toy that’s perfect for your trip to the ocean!

Surfing Toys Help Your Children Get Their Energy Out 

Young kids are known for having a seemingly limitless supply of energy. Whether they’re running up and down the beach or splashing in the water, your child can never have too many ways to use up their energy. Our kid's beach toy is designed to be the perfect way to keep your child within your line of sight while also giving them the all-important physical activity they need to stay healthy.  The Surfer Dude toy is built to be a water boomerang, meaning it will come right back to your child after it’s thrown into the oncoming waves. But this ocean toy also functions as a way to get your child running through the water to grab the toy before throwing it again as far as they can. 

This repeat pattern of catching and releasing this surfing toy is perfect for keeping your children moving and getting them ready to take a meal break. But even after lunch, they can go right back to running around and getting more exercise before finally taking a nap on the way home!

Get Yours Before Your Go or After You Arrive

The final weeks, days, and hours before you go on a family vacation or a day trip to the beach are notoriously hectic and stressful. Even the best planners can face the challenge of getting everybody situated while also remembering all the important things to bring along. You can forget all the kid's beach toys your children like the best and have that put a damper on the whole trip. However, Surfer Dudes can come to the rescue no matter where you live or are traveling to!

If your beach day is planned out pretty far in advance, you can place an online order for your child’s  Surfer Dude water boomerang and have it arrive in plenty of time! In fact, all United States customers receive free shipping on all orders over $24. But if your trip is spur-of-the-moment or too close for online orders, several retail stores across the United States have our Surfer Dudes in stock! Find a store where you can purchase your own by  looking at our online store locator!

Enjoy Your Beach Day with Surfer Dudes, Powered By Waves

Whether you’re going to the east or west coast, our  Surfer Dudes water boomerangs can make the entire experience more enjoyable for you and your children! Our brand is passionate about bringing laughter and smiles to children across the United States and around the world. Learn more about how to  build your dude and  how to use it before heading out on the road.

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Tommy Nagel
Tommy Nagel

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